I have always turned to drawing as a way to express myself and in recent years have experimented with several different media. Lately I’ve fallen in love with digital drawing. It is so forgiving, and so versatile. And so FUN. Plus, it’s portable, so it goes where I go. However, I have a home studio where I regularly enjoy putting pen to paper and getting paint under my fingernails and on my clothes (a lot.) Nothing can take the place of the tactile feel of making marks on paper.

Professionally, I have been involved in graphic design for many years. As a young designer beginning my career, I worked in the art department of a commercial printer  and print design is where I feel most at home. That being said, I also love producing digital assets for web applications. I co-founded a stationery company in 2012, Periwinkle Press which was based here in Birmingham. This is where I honed my skills in pattern design and started dabbling in illustration. For 10 years we created personalized stationery and were blessed to work with over 2,000 wholesale retail accounts.  As things will go, that chapter came to an end and for the past 5 years, I have been employed as a graphic designer in the health care field, mainly producing advertising products for the retail sector along with some corporate work.

I have recently rearranged my commitments in order to pursue creative pursuits that include illustration, writing and fine art.

My studio name is Creative Deja Vu Studio and it reflects the way I feel about design… I’ve been here before, everything seems familiar but here I am again… applying my past experience to solving new design problems, learning new techniques… and working to bring my focus closer to illustration and self expression. I am currently working on developing a line of pattern and surface design as well as illustration for fun and profit. I love trend watching, textiles, illustration and playing with pattern and color to introduce new and innovative designs for surface and product design. I am also an avid sketchbook keeper and love sharing and exploring ideas through learning and teaching.