Life is a Checkerboard and the Player Opposite You is Time

That headline is a quote from Napoleon Hill. I have a mental image when I read it, something like a black & white, vintage line drawing of Santa Clause, in a less friendly, drippy sort of way. Drunk Santa. When I first read this line, I felt it all the way to my core. The fact that I am hurtling towards the age of 60 like Wiley E. Coyote to the bottom of the cliff probably has something to do with why those words slapped me upside the head and then stuck like glue. A little angst, however, is not always a bad thing. The fact that I’m pushing 60 has definitely changed my view of the world. Actually, probably like you, my view of the world changes exponentially along with my circumstances. I’ve been reflecting over the past few months on what I’d like these next few years to look like. Here’s what I’ve come up with (so far.) I want to be healthy, curious and brave. More curious, and braver than I’ve ever been. Because although time has always been sitting opposite me on the checkerboard, I’ve never been more aware of it than now. So, come ‘on, lets PLAY!